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Buggy Walks

every Monday 11AM-1PM

Meeting point: outside the Entrance to

Kensington Leisure Centre

Silchester Road W10 6EX


Our Buggy Walk activity is led by an instructor and our lovely Maternity Champions!

It's a good opportunity to get out of the house, incorporate  some movement into your routine and meet other parents. At the end of the walk, parents are treated to a nice hot drink!


For further information please contact Lauren on:

079 4300 0481

Buggy Walks Gallery

Below are a series of images videos about Buggy Walks. As you can see, participants have a lot of fun strolling around with their children!

Maternity Champions Manager for the borough of Kensington & Chelsea: Sona Djerrahian

t: 020 8960 3234

m: 07495 702738

For further information about Maternity Champions,  please visit their  homepage.

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