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Meet The Team

Community Leaders — Here to Serve You

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William Roberts


Hi I’m William and I am the Director of the Venture Community Association.  I head up a fantastic team here and we are all committed to providing a great place and a great welcome in all of our community, adventure play and carnival arts venues.  It is a great privilege working in this community and I would love to hear your ideas on what more we could do to help.

Melissa Richards Bacchus

Service Development Lead

Hi, my name is Melissa and I'm the Service Development Lead. Born and raised in North Kensington, My work background is children services and finance,

I've had the pleasure of working with children and young people within RBKC for over 20 years. I work to advocate for Play and Children's rights. I welcome you to come, visit and play at any of our adventure playgrounds. Venture Community Association is committed to promoting the playwork principles and diversity of our community. 

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