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Mummy Moves

every Wednesday 11:30-12:30PM

Venture Centre, 103A Wornington Road, 

W10 5YB


Mummy Moves is a free exercise class, specifically for during pregnancy and the first year after giving birth. It is a fun way to work on your health, meet other mums, and bond with your baby. 

Led by accredited trainer and Maternity Champion, Sally, mums can be expected to try out different forms of exercise in a supportive environment. 

You're also invited to stay for our community lunch, after the session.

To book a spot or for more information, contact Wasim on:

0208 960 3234 /

07495 351312

And yes, bring your baby!

Mummy Moves Gallery

Below are a series of videos about Mummy Moves. As you can see, participants have a lot of fun exercising and spending time with their children!

Maternity Champions Manager for the borough of Kensington & Chelsea: Sona Djerrahian

t: 020 8960 3234

m: 07495 702738

For further information about Maternity Champions,  please visit their  homepage.

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