The Venture Centre was established in 1960 and comprises; the oldest Adventure Playground in UK delivering OFSTED registered children’s services, a purpose-built Steel Panyard and a thriving Community Centre.

Our community centre, the Venture Centre, delivers adult and community learning, a healthy living programme and community events. We work in partnership with several local organisations, most notably:

  • Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

  • Catalyst Housing Limited

  • NOVA

  • Westway Trust

  • The Childhood Trust

  • NHS Grenfell health and Wellbeing Centre

  • Golborne Forum

  • Lighthouse Church

  • Weight watchers

  • See full list here...

Our playground, the Notting Hill Adventure Playground, offers free supervised adventure play for local children aged 5-15. We complement the play provision with arts and crafts, a sports programme, cooking classes and regular trips.

Our panyard is currently home to the Glissando Steel Orchestra, a world renowned steel band directed by the master pan maker Bertrand Parris.

The beating heart of W10 since 1960. We run an adventure playground, community centre and steel pan yard.

Our History

The first adventure playground seems to have been built in Copenhagen in 1943 by landscape architect, C T Sorenson. He noticed the propensity of children left to their own devices to avoid purpose built playgrounds and resort to building sites and waste ground.

He thought that by making waste building materials available, children could have a playground with an element of risk without being life threatening. In pragmatic Scandinavian fashion he showed that this was also a way to reduce vandalism and other forms of juvenile delinquency.

Notting Hill Adventure playground was originally an old church that was bombed in World War Two. Children took over the space and created various structures and swings out of the debris and various materials left behind in the wreckage. A year later Pat Smythe came and supervised the children to help create a safe space to play.

The playground grew from there and 10 years later the community centre was built to complement the playground. The Notting hill adventure Playground is the oldest of its kind in the country, it has been serving the community since 1960.


Our Mission

Combining the country’s oldest adventure playground with a vibrant community centre and London’s only purpose-built steel pan rehearsal room, the Venture Community Association (known locally as “The Venture Centre”) is located in the heart of Golborne, North Kensington.


The mission of the organisation is to provide an improved quality of life in which local people, irrespective of age, gender, sexual orientation, ability, political, religious or other opinion, are encouraged to come together to access a wide range of opportunities and support, to resolve needs, and to develop aspirations”




The objective of the Venture Centre, as defined in its governing document, is to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of North Kensington and the neighbourhood. The Centre works with the local authority, statutory providers and other voluntary sector organisations in partnership to relieve poverty, advance education, and provide facilities for recreation and leisure in the interests of social welfare, with the aim of improving the conditions for residents of North Kensington and the relief of poverty of the inhabitants.


The Venture Centre also provides play and other facilities to help and educate children and young people resident or who attend schools in North Kensington to develop their physical, mental and spiritual capacities so that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and as members of society.


To achieve its objectives the organisation does the following:- 

•             The provision and facilitation of a wide range of accessible educational and recreational activities and information for individuals, groups and communities 

•             hosts and supports partner organisations that deliver complementary initiatives 

•             provides a friendly and safe environment offering support and friendship 

•             organises a newsletter and opportunities for consultation with our members and local residents 

•             provides an open access adventure playground and complementary enrichment programme to enable young people to thrive in all areas


To achieve all it sets out to do, the Venture Centre will continue to work in partnership with statutory, voluntary and community organisations to develop innovative services which allow people to come together in education, leisure and recreation programmes. 


The trustees confirm that they have referred to the guidance contained in the Charity Commission’s general guidance on public benefit when reviewing the charity’s aims and objectives and in planning future activities.  In particular the Trustees consider how planned activities contribute to the fulfilment of the charity’s objectives.

Meet The Team

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William Roberts

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Hi I’m William and I am the Director of the Venture Community Association.  I head up a fantastic team here and we are all committed to providing a great place and a great welcome in all of our community, adventure play and carnival arts venues.  It is a great privilege working in this community and I would love to hear your ideas on what more we could do to help.


Melissa Richards

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Hi my name is Melissa. I am the senior play worker on the playground. I am passionate about children’s right to play and at the Venture centre/Notting Hill Adventure playground we advocate this.


James Oluwaseye Ogundipe

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Hello my name is James and I am the Finance and compliance officer. What I enjoy most about working here is the feeling I get from services we provide and fulfilling the purpose of what a community centre should be.  Seeing the changes it makes to individuals and the community is what motivates me to continue doing what we do.


Iyob Zkirstos

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Hey I am Iyob,  Head of Finance at the Venture Centre.  Plenty of experiences working in charity sector and brought with me a wealth of knowledge and expertise managing the finances of charities like Venture centre.  I love working at the Venture centre and I am passionate about my work because I know the things we do here makes substantial impact for the betterment or improved quality of life for the local community.


Rosalind Grimes

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Hello my name is Rosalind I am a steward and receptionist and I have watched different types of adults enter the Venture unaware of what venture actually does, once they have been informed with what venture has to offer they are normally pretty pleased.


Ellen McRae

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Hi I am Ellen, the Community Champion Project Manager in Golborne.

Having worked in health and well- being for many years, I look forward to working with volunteers and partners in this rich community that is Golborne.

We will be hosting activities and events as well as promoting health in a manner of ways and look forward to working with you.


Pattrina quashie-Ferguson

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Hi my name is Pattrina and I am the interim head of operations, I’ve worked in RBKC for fourteen years primarily with children and young people. I love the culture, diversity, history and vibe of North Kensington. I enjoy working with people, am solution focused and resourceful. I love seeing how our services benefit the lives of local people. Pop in for a chat and coffee so I can tell you more.


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